Dytac è un nome ben conosciuto nel nostro ambiente ed è legato alla produzione di accessori (dai sistemi di puntamento alle repliche delle holster serpa) questo almeno fino ad oggi…. perchè anche dytac ha ben pensato di produrre una propria linea di asg.

La fascia di mercato interessata è quella dei low\mid cost (i prezzi delle sue repliche oscillano tra i 180 e i 250 dollari) , al momento la produzione è focalizzata sulle repliche di casa colt (carbine e cqb-r) e sono disponibili 6 modelli diversi, ecco alcune caratteristiche :

  • receiver e outer barrel in alluminio.
  • gear box con boccole da 8mm e ingranaggi in acciaio STD con rapporto 18.1.
  • hop up in metallo.
  • mag da 300bb.

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  1. Sardar

    Review by for Rating: This gun arrived firlay quickly, and works wonderfully! The adjustable hop-up is great, and the gun is very heavy and shoots very fast. I haven’t tried the grenade launcher yet, and the second stock,(which holds bb’s), doesn’t fit but my dad is going to fix it for me. The iinstructions suck though. I tried doing the sling but it ended up looking like a black ribbon all twisted and knotted. And the directions said nothing aobut the second stock holding bb’s, but I’d seen a review on another site that said it did and i had to find out how it worked myself. Except for the terrible instructions, the gun is great. It is very accurate and a wonderful gun for bigginers or experienced players. But be ready to find out how to do it yourself if you want to use some of the accessories. But I definetly recommend this gun, and it comes with a whole lot of extra stuff. And the high cap mag. is great I just didn’t know how to use it but you pour bb’s into the area where you open the black sliding door and when you need more bb’s you turn the wheel at the bottom and bb’s from the reservoir are pulled into the place where they go into the gun. And both of the mags are mostly metal. This gun feels very sturdy and is great for the price.

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